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i follow the heartlines (on your hand) (jundae, nc-17, 17.3k) [2/2]

Junmyeon has to admit, though: Baekhyun did a good job on her. Simple, elegant, classic. Crimson three-quarter sleeved cocktail dress, black slingbacks, shimmery lip gloss, cat eye.

“You look like a fucking bombshell,” Baekhyun says, admiring her masterpiece. “I’m seriously impressed with myself.”

Junmyeon glances at her reflection appraisingly, hands framing her chest. The push-up bra is definitely doing what it’s supposed to do, but somehow she feels self-conscious about it. “You don’t think the boobs are too much?”

“Don’t worry, the neckline leaves enough to the imagination,” Baekhyun reassures her, plucking at the collar just to be sure. “It shows just enough to be…” She starts to giggle. “Titillating.”

Junmyeon swats at her with the black leather clutch Baekhyun had loaned her. “Filth. Absolute filth.”

“And yet somehow I’m your best friend,” Baekhyun says with a smirk. “That says more about you than it does about me.”

“Poor me,” Junmyeon laments playfully, reaching out to pull Baekhyun in for a hug. “Thanks, best friend.”

“Anytime,” Baekhyun says, squeezing her tightly. She pulls back, hands gripping Junmyeon’s shoulders to take one last look at her outfit. “You look amazing, seriously. Either Jongdae’s eyes are going to pop out of her head and float into outer space, or she’s going to drown in her own drool. You look that good.”

“That sounds scary and messy, so for both our sakes I hope she just goes with the traditional ‘Wow, you look nice!’” Junmyeon says lightly. “But I appreciate your enthusiasm.”

“Then you may also appreciate this,” Baekhyun says, pulling something out of her pocket and reaching for Junmyeon’s purse. “Mints and stuff. Italian food, garlic… y’know.”

“Oh, god, I totally forgot about that.” Junmyeon presses the heel of her hand to her forehead and gratefully takes the purse back.

“And here I was thinking you’d be angsting over the good-night kiss portion of the evening,” Baekhyun laughs. “Silly me.”

Oh. That. “Well, now I am. Thanks for nothing,” Junmyeon says, glancing down worriedly at her cleavage again.

“Don’t worry,” Baekhyun says in a soothing tone of voice, checking her watch. “It’s just Jongdae. I think she’s just as nervous as you are, honestly. She’s just better at looking like she’s calm and collected. I promise you, she’s not.”

“Why? Did she say anything?” Junmyeon hates it when Baekhyun withholds important details like this, but there’s no time to answer because there’s a knock on the door and there’s really only one person it could be. Junmyeon teeters over to the couch and grabs her coat, slinging her arms into it just as Baekhyun opens the door.

“Hi,” Jongdae says breathlessly, fluffing her hair and smoothing her bangs so they don’t hang in her face. She’s wearing a white coat and a black shift dress underneath it, color blocked in neon green, electric blue, and fuchsia, with black tights and a pair of black oxford pumps. Her makeup is similar to Junmyeon’s, although with a more daring double cat-eye. She looks stunning and cool. Junmyeon feels like a high schooler by comparison.

“Hey,” she says, waving her purse gently in Jongdae’s direction.

“Remember to have her home by curfew,” Baekhyun teases. “And no funny business!”

“Yes, mom,” Jongdae snorts, rolling her eyes. She looks expectantly at Junmyeon. “You ready?”

Junmyeon nods and makes her way to the door, fielding an affectionate pat on the ass from Baekhyun on the way. “Have fun,” she whispers. “See you tomorrow.”

Junmyeon’s about to protest that she doesn’t plan to stay out all night, but the door is closing in her face and Jongdae is gently tugging her to the elevator, and from there to the parking lot outside the dorm, where her 2003 Dodge Neon is idling in a parking space.

“That’s brave, someone could have stolen it while you were upstairs!” Junmyeon says, opening the door and sliding into the passenger seat.

“Yeah, but who would want to?” Jongdae laughs, fastening her seatbelt and turning on the seat warmers before pulling out of the spot. “This car is older than most elementary schoolers.”

“Is this your first car?” Junmyeon sits on her hands to warm them up.

“Yeah,” Jongdae says, turning up the heat a little higher. “My older brother is good at all that mechanic crap, so he’ll give it a little tune-up whenever I’m home. He’s such a douche, though.” She pitches her voice low, affecting her tone to sound like a stereotypical idiot. “‘Huhuhu, I thought dykes were supposed to be good at shit like this.’ Like I magically gained the ability to replace heating coils or whatever the day I realized I was attracted to women.”

“Is your family not very, uh…” Junmyeon fumbles for the right word, but Jongdae understands what she’s getting at.

“My parents are kind of whatever about it, I think they’re still in the ‘oh, she’ll grow out of it’ stage but they’ll get over it someday. My brother is just a tool who thinks gay jokes are funny and tells me not to look at his girlfriend when she’s at the house.”

“As if you’d be attracted to someone who thinks he’s anything special,” Junmyeon snorts, forgetting herself. She covers her mouth. “Oh, god, I’m sorry, that was so out of line.”

“Aren’t you full of surprises,” Jongdae says, impressed. “And it’s not out of line, it was actually almost word-for-word what I said to him when he told me that.”

“Still…” Junmyeon can’t help but feel embarrassed. “I don’t know you well enough to make remarks about your family, even if your brother was being rude. It’s really bad manners. So I’m sorry.”

“All right, Emily Post,” Jongdae sighs, smiling. “I accept your apology, even if I think it’s unnecessary.” She reaches across the console to squeeze Junmyeon’s arm. “Tell me about your family, I only know that you have a brother and he’s not as cute as you are.”

“Flattery will get you nowhere, Jongdae,” Junmyeon says airily, although she’s blushing. “But yeah, my brother is seven years older than I am and he’s a junior attorney at a firm in Baltimore. He thinks it’s cute to send me on blind dates with women. Dad’s a professor, mom’s a librarian. Shockingly, they’re okay with the whole lesbian social sciences major thing. But that may just be because I promised them I’d get my Ph.D. and also that I’d get married and have babies someday.” Junmyeon pauses and wants to hit herself in the face. “I think I’ve said too much.”

“Your candor is refreshing,” Jongdae reassures her as she pulls her car into the parking lot of the restaurant. “And your parents sound nice.”

“Yeah, well, I’ve never taken anyone home to meet them, so in theory they’re cool with my ‘lifestyle’ but in practice…” Junmyeon shrugs and gets out of the car. “We’ll see.”

"Hey, getting to the 'in theory' part is half the battle," Jongdae says, meeting her in front of the car so they can walk into the restaurant together. Jongdae had made reservations in advance, so they're seated quickly and handed glasses of water with lemon wedges and menus.

"So," Jongdae says, peering over the top of her menu at Junmyeon, "I meant to tell you earlier but I didn't want to, like, embarrass you in front of Baekhyun because I know how she is, but you look really nice tonight." She smiles, biting her lip. "Your dress brings out the red in your hair."

Junmyeon touches her bangs a little self-consciously and smiles. "Baekhyun would probably be happy to hear it, since she's elected herself my personal stylist for occasions like these. But thank you. I love your dress, by the way. You have great style; I'm kinda jealous."

"You should come thrift shopping with me sometime," Jongdae offers, putting her menu down on the table. "I bet we could find some neat stuff together."

"That would be fun." Junmyeon's cheeks flush when she thinks about sharing a dressing room with Jongdae, so she busies herself with the menu once more. "What are you going to order? I was thinking about the pesto tortellini, maybe with chicken? Shrimp doesn't seem right with pesto, does it?"

"I'm not sure, I've never tried them together…" Jongdae scans the menu. "Probably the bucatini alla carbonara. Eggs and cheese and bacon over pasta? It's like breakfast for dinner!" She grins, flagging down the waiter as he passes by, and the two of them place their orders. He comes back after a few minutes with their wine selections, and Jongdae lifts her glass of pinot grigio when he leaves. "A toast?"

"To what?" Junmyeon asks, raising her sauvignon blanc.

Jongdae looks a bit thrown. "I hadn't thought that far. Um." She swirls the wine around in her glass. "To girls who like girls?"

Junmyeon nods, considering. "Appropriate. I'll drink to that. Cheers!"

"Cheers," Jongdae echoes, clinking the rim of her glass lightly against Junmyeon's.

They chat before and through dinner, getting to know each other a little better; Junmyeon learns that Jongdae is a double minor in vocal performance and film studies, that she's thinking about trying out for the spring musical, and that she's considering pursuing film scoring as a career after college. She has a cat at home named Ginger and really wants a puppy, but her landlord won't allow it.

The conversation dies down a little after dessert when they're stuffed and a little dizzy from the wine, waiting for the check to come. Junmyeon swallows the last sip of her wine and props her chin on one hand, feeling a little braver than usual. "Have you dated very much?" she asks suddenly, curious.

"Not a lot," Jongdae answers, twirling the straw around in her water glass. "Pickings are a little slim here. I had a girlfriend in high school for a while, but it wasn't super serious or anything, mostly just fooling around after school at her house while we pretended to be studying." She looks up at Junmyeon. "Why do you ask?"

"Just wondering," Junmyeon says with a shrug. "This is kind of new to me, and you just seem much more… confident, I guess."

Their server arrives with the check in a leather billfold, and both Junmyeon and Jongdae hand off their credit cards to him, having agreed to split the bill evenly.

"I don't know about that," Jongdae says after the waiter leaves. "But you get good at faking it after a while so people think you know what you're doing."

"Can you teach me how to do that?" Junmyeon laughs, rooting around in her purse for those mints Baekhyun had thrown in there. She feels a couple of weird plastic packages next to her wallet and pulls one out to examine it. The blood runs out of her face when she sees the words DENTAL DAM in large print on the front.

"What is that?" Jongdae asks, and Junmyeon hastily stuffs it back in her purse. "Is that what I think it is?"

"It's Baekhyun's idea of a joke." Junmyeon covers her face. "I'm going to smother her in her sleep when I get home."

"She just likes to get a rise out of you," Jongdae says delicately, reaching across the table to squeeze one of Junmyeon's hands. "Besides, I've literally never known another lesbian to actually use those. If you don't wanna get up close and personal with another woman's clitoris, then you pretty much have no business performing cunnilingus, in my opinion. Not to be crude about it or anything," she adds hastily, and Junmyeon can feel herself blushing.

Thankfully, the waiter chooses that moment to return with their credit cards and the tip receipts. Junmyeon does a little math in her head and scribbles down her signature before excusing herself to the ladies room.

She takes care of business and washes her hands, then stands in front of the mirror and stares at herself for a moment. She's still a bit red in the face from that incident at the table, and at the thought of it, Junmyeon reaches into her purse to find the dental dams and pitches them into the trash can next to the row of sinks. Satisfied, she helps herself to the mints she'd been looking for in the first place, then sticks a hand into her bra to adjust it where the underwire is wedged up in an uncomfortable spot.

Jongdae picks that moment to breeze into the bathroom with their coats folded over her arm, catching Junmyeon like a deer in headlights. Junmyeon whips her hand out of her dress and whirls around, smoothing her skirt. "Hi."

"I didn't see anything," Jongdae says, and Junmyeon appreciates the lie. "Just wanted to make sure you were all right."

"Everything's dandy," Junmyeon says, pasting a smile onto her face, and Jongdae squints at her.

"You don't have to be embarrassed, you know," she says, moving forward and putting her hands on the sink counter on either side of Junmyeon's hips. "I know it was Baekhyun playing a prank, not you, and I'd never try to push you into something you weren't ready to do." She plucks at the neckline of Junmyeon's dress, straightening it for her. "Also, I saw absolutely nothing when I walked into this bathroom, but in the interest of full disclosure, I've been trying really hard not to pick this wedgie my tights are giving me. So. That's all I have to say about that."

Junmyeon feels very emotional all of a sudden. "I don't deserve you," she sighs.

"I'll be the judge of that," Jongdae says, pecking Junmyeon on the cheek and wiping away the smudge of lipstick she accidentally leaves behind. She holds out Junmyeon's jacket. "Wanna go see a movie?"

Junmyeon slides her arms into the coat and turns around with a smile. "Yes, please."


The movie wasn't anything special - one of those Judd Apatow bro comedies - but sitting in one of the double seats near the back of the theatre with Jongdae snuggled up to her side made it worth the price of admission.

When the credits roll and they get up to leave, Jongdae grabs Junmyeon's hand and they walk back to the car like that, only letting go when they reach the passenger side door and Jongdae loops her arms around Junmyeon's neck, nosing at her cheek until Junmyeon gets the message and tentatively fits her mouth to Jongdae's.

This kiss is a little different than the chaste one they'd shared a few weeks before; Jongdae purses her lips around Junmyeon's lower lip, then the upper one, ever-so-gently tilting her head this way and that. Junmyeon responds in kind, allowing her fingertips to brush along Jongdae's cheek while her other hand falls to the middle of Jongdae's back, heart thumping at the way Jongdae sighs into her mouth at the touch. Jongdae seems to realize she's getting carried away, because she breaks the kiss and glances down, smiling to herself. She looks up when Junmyeon rubs at the smudge of lipstick at the corner of Jongdae's mouth with an expression of fondness.

"I guess we should go, huh?" Jongdae says, and Junmyeon nods, letting go of her to open the passenger side door.

The drive is quiet - they're both a little tired - but as they near campus, Jongdae asks in an overly casual tone of voice, "Hey, do you maybe wanna stay over tonight? I'm just worried about the whole you-suffocating-Baekhyun thing, you know? I can't be party to a homicide…"

"I was only joking," Junmyeon says with an easy smile, swatting Jongdae's arm with her clutch. She thinks about it for a moment. Cuddling with Jongdae and waking up next to her sounds pretty nice, honestly. "I don't have any clothes to sleep in, though."

"Borrow mine," Jongdae says immediately.

"I don't know if my butt's gonna fit in your yoga pants," Junmyeon laughs, "but I guess we'll give it a try?"

Jongdae's apartment is quiet when they tiptoe inside, Lu Han and Yixing probably out at a party. Junmyeon steps out of her heels as soon as they cross the threshold, flexing her aching feet against the carpeting before following Jongdae down the hall to her bedroom. Jongdae leans against the wall to get out of her own shoes, then rifles through a couple of drawers until she produces a loose t-shirt and a comfortable pair of oversized sweats for Junmyeon, who slips out of the room and into the bathroom to wash off her makeup and change clothes.

Jongdae is changed and cleaned up when she returns, sitting cross-legged on the edge of her bed in a tank top and cotton shorts, tapping out a text. She hits 'send' and puts the phone on her nightstand, looking up at Junmyeon with a tiny smile. She looks younger like this, sleepy and bare-faced.

"Just letting Baekhyun know I didn't leave you in a ditch somewhere," she says as Junmyeon joins her on the bed. "How are your feet?"

"Better, now that they're not trapped in those instruments of torture," Junmyeon says, scooting toward the pillows and flopping back against them. She turns her head toward Jongdae with a grin. "Taken care of that wedgie?"

Jongdae makes a face at her and rolls onto her side next to Junmyeon. "Ditched the Wonder Bra?" She smirks. "I can't say I didn't appreciate the effect, though."

"You just like to see me get all red in the face, don't you," Junmyeon mumbles, pointedly crossing her arms over her ample bosom.

"You're just so cute, I can't help it," Jongdae coos, slinging an arm around Junmyeon's waist and nuzzling the ticklish parts of Junmyeon's neck, eliciting a squeal. Junmyeon clutches at Jongdae's tank top when she feels her leaving feathery little kisses here and there along the line of her collarbones, her pulse racing.

"Jongdae," she murmurs, and Jongdae lifts her face and starts to leave a lazy trail of kisses along Junmyeon's jawline and across her cheek until her mouth is hovering centimeters from Junmyeon's.

"Yes?" she responds sweetly, quietly, and Junmyeon thinks she's going to go insane. She curls a hand around the nape of Jongdae's neck and draws her in for a proper kiss.

Jongdae sinks into her immediately, fingertips brushing the shell of her ear while her tongue tests the seam of Junmyeon's lips. Junmyeon's heart jumps, but she opens for Jongdae, gasping into her mouth when her hand slides up Junmyeon's ribcage, thumb just barely touching the side of her breast through her t-shirt.

Jongdae pulls away, looking worried. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," she says, her hand inching down. "I can get a little too handsy sometimes, I know."

"No, no," Junmyeon breathes, petting her hair and rubbing her nose against Jongdae's cheek, eyes falling shut. "It's fine, I was just--" She cuts off, cheeks burning. "It felt nice."

"You sure?" Jongdae kisses her forehead. "We can just make out and I'll keep my hands behind my back if you want, I swear."

Junmyeon shakes her head. "You can touch me."

"Okay," Jongdae says, looking a little concerned. "Just-- let me know if it's too much, all right?"

"I will," Junmyeon says, and resumes kissing Jongdae, who responds with a little more softness as her hand creeps up Junmyeon's abdomen to cup one of her breasts, palm sliding back and forth while her thumb circles around the nipple. Junmyeon stops breathing for a moment, suddenly aching between her legs, then whimpers into Jongdae's mouth, eliciting a little moan in reply. Her fingertips start to knead into Junmyeon's flesh, and it feels so nice that Junmyeon wants to return the favor, palming Jongdae's slightly smaller breast and feeling the firm bud of a nipple poking out from her tank top.

Jongdae's panting into her mouth between kisses, now, and finally has to pull away, pressing her face into the valley between Junmyeon's breasts.

"Are you all right?" Junmyeon asks, feeling both confused and aroused.

"I'm feeling a little too all right," Jongdae says, nuzzling into Junmyeon's cleavage. "I'm having a hard time controlling myself, and I don't think you want to move this fast right now."

"Not tonight, no," Junmyeon says. Her heartbeat's starting to reach a normal pace, but she still feels the same heaviness between her legs. "But I know what you mean."

"Fuck," Jongdae whispers in a way that suggests she is embarrassed, but would like to take care of Junmyeon's problem anyway, which only makes said problem persist.

"It's okay," Junmyeon says, stroking her hair. "Let's just… get some sleep?"

Jongdae rolls off of her and turns off the lamp beside her bed, then tugs her comforter out from beneath the two of them, pulling it back up to their shoulders before she curls up at Junmyeon's side.

"I had a really nice time tonight," she whispers, her chin resting on Junmyeon's shoulder.

"Me too," Junmyeon says, still feeling a little giddy and worked up. She shifts just enough to peck Jongdae on the cheek before letting her head sink into the pillow again. "Good night, Jongdae."

"Sleep tight," Jongdae responds, and burrows her face into Junmyeon's neck.


Junmyeon wakes up the next morning to sunlight peeking through the cracks of Jongdae's blinds and Jongdae snuffling adorably into her shoulder. Junmyeon rolls carefully onto her side and watches Jongdae through half-lidded eyes, not quite awake herself just yet. Jongdae's hair is sticking up pretty hilariously, and Junmyeon smiles to herself as she tries to press it down to no avail.

Jongdae rolls over, still asleep, her back to Junmyeon, and Junmyeon drapes an arm around her, pressing her lips to the warm nape of Jongdae's neck. That seems to startle Jongdae awake, judging by the way she jolts in Junmyeon's hold before realizing where she is.

"It's just me," Junmyeon whispers, nosing the curve of Jongdae's neck.

"Mmm, I'm ticklish there," Jongdae rasps, clearing her throat.

"So I guessed," Junmyeon says, grinning. She leaves an exaggerated smooch at the juncture of Jongdae's neck and ear. "That's cute."

Jongdae whines and wriggles, squirming around in Junmyeon's embrace until they're facing each other again. "You're gonna be so sorry you did that," Jongdae says like she means business.

"Oh yeah?" Junmyeon's never this playful, but Jongdae brings out her silly side. "I seriously doubt that."

Jongdae pouts. "Don't I look threatening at all?"

"If you consider a pile of cotton balls threatening, then sure," Junmyeon snorts, dragging her fingertips across Jongdae's cheekbone. Jongdae makes a face which dissolves into a smile after a moment, and she leans in for a sweet kiss, to which Junmyeon responds eagerly.

"Can we just stay in bed all day?" Jongdae murmurs, clutching the hem of Junmyeon's shirt.

"That would be nice," Junmyeon says, resting her cheek against Jongdae's forehead, "if I didn't have a paper to write this weekend. Besides, I think Baekhyun would worry that I'm actually mad at her if I didn't come home."

"I guess," Jongdae sighs. "You want some breakfast?"

Junmyeon shakes her head and starts to sit up. "Not hungry. Besides, your roommates…" Junmyeon gestures awkwardly and falls silent.

"They're probably still sleeping," Jongdae says softly, her expression unreadable. "You can borrow those clothes if you want so you don't have to do the whole Walk of Shame thing."

"I'm not ashamed," Junmyeon says, looking at her nails. "Just… not used to people knowing much about my personal life."

"I know." Jongdae frowns, mostly at herself, and sits up, pulling her knees to her chest. "I'm just moody." She looks up at Junmyeon through her eyelashes. "I just… I like you a lot, that's all, and it's turning me into an overly emotional moron."

"You're not a moron," Junmyeon sighs, gathering Jongdae into her arms. "My hang-ups are not because of you, they're because of me. They're dumb and I hate them and I'm working on it." She rests her chin on Jongdae's shoulder. "I like you, too. I've never liked anyone as much as I like you, and it freaks me out a little bit."

Jongdae eases back to look at Junmyeon and runs her fingers through Junmyeon's hair, tucking a piece behind her ear. "Don't freak out too much," she says, and the fondness in her eyes makes Junmyeon's stomach flip-flop. "It's just me."

"You really underestimate the effect you have on me," Junmyeon says, shaking her head as she leans in for a kiss. Morning breath doesn't stop Jongdae from frenching her a little, which sends a thrill of heat through Junmyeon's chest. She puts her hands on Jongdae's cheeks and carefully extracts herself from the kiss, drawing a frustrated little whine from Jongdae that makes Junmyeon want to tear her shirt off.

"All right," Jongdae says, tangling their fingers together. "Go do your homework."

"Mkay," Junmyeon says, pecking her on the cheek before climbing out of bed. Jongdae offers her a spare tote bag for last night's clothes and shoes and a pair of sneakers to wear on her trek back to the dorm. They creep out of the room, careful not to disturb Lu Han and Yixing, and Jongdae walks her to the door.

"I had a really good time last night," Junmyeon says in what she hopes is a meaningful tone. She tries to fix Jongdae's hair again, but it springs back up, stubborn as ever.

Jongdae muffles a laugh with her hand. "Me too." She slides her arms around Junmyeon's waist, kissing the corner of her mouth. "I'll text you."

Junmyeon can't quite figure out why it's so hard to untangle herself from this girl, but it's with great reluctance that she slips out the door and downstairs into the frosty morning. The ten-minute walk to the dorm is torture after the warm coziness of Jongdae's room, but it's better that she left; she can already feel herself getting too attached, and it doesn't seem right to rush into this.

Maybe I'm overthinking this, Junmyeon wonders as she approaches the dorm. There was definitely something happening last night besides getting to second base with Jongdae. For the first time, Junmyeon didn't feel anxious about what she was doing, probably because she was actually doing it instead of thinking about it. It's only in the cold light of day that she's asking herself what she was thinking, when the Junmyeon of last night was contemplating the notion of going beyond a little over-the-shirt action. And she's certain that Jongdae was feeling the same, judging by the little sounds she breathed into Junmyeon's mouth, the way she was so careful to control herself.

Junmyeon's face feels hot just thinking about it.

But there's no more time for that; Junmyeon runs up the stairs and unlocks the door to her dorm room, only to see a shirtless Park Chanyeol kissing her roommate in the doorway to her room.

"Whoa!" Junmyeon yelps, backing out of the room.

"Oh, god, sorry," Chanyeol says, swearing under his breath as he wrestles back into his t-shirt. "You can come in, we're decent, I swear. I was just leaving."

Junmyeon laughs nervously and pokes her head in. Baekhyun's in her flannel bathrobe, which she takes care to wrap tightly around herself, blushing like a Victorian lady who's just flashed an ankle by mistake.

Chanyeol kisses the top of her head and Junmyeon can just make out the words "--call you" before he sidesteps her with an apologetic smile and closes the door behind him.

"So," Junmyeon says, looking from the door to Baekhyun. "I guess it's good I slept over at Jongdae's after all."

"I'm so sorry," Baekhyun says, covering her face with her hands. "I was such a douche last night, that wasn't really a funny joke in hindsight and I was just trying to lighten things up but Jongdae tore me a new asshole about it so I'm really sorry please don't yell at me--"

"She did?" Junmyeon sits down on the couch, gesturing for Baekhyun to do the same. "She never said anything to me about it."

"I guess it was after you guys got back, she let me know you were staying over and then she laid into me about it," Baekhyun rambles. "It was a dick move and I'm so sorry, please forgive me?"

"Wow, she must have guilted you good," Junmyeon says, kind of impressed with Jongdae's work. She pinches Baekhyun's ear and tugs on it, enough to get the point across but not enough to actually hurt. "Honestly, it was the only hiccup in the entire night. But if you ever pull a stunt like that again--"

"My pranking days are over," Baekhyun vows, and Junmyeon lets her go. "But you had a good night?"

"Yeah, we had a lot of fun," Junmyeon says, trying to keep her face composed, but Baekhyun is smarter than that.

"PG-13 or R-rated fun?"

Junmyeon makes a face, but thinks about the question. "What is it in the UK? PG-15? Something like that." She squints at Baekhyun. "What about you?"

"About the same," Baekhyun says. "He texted me while you were out and I invited him over to watch Netflix and make out, but we fell asleep around 1 a.m. and woke up at, like, 3:30? And by that time it was stupid to send him home, so we just changed into our PJs and went to sleep for real."

"Soooooo, you slept together in your underwear," Junmyeon clarifies, grinning smugly at the way Baekhyun's face goes red all the way to her hairline.

"What, no half-naked cuddling for you and JD?" she asks defensively.

Junmyeon unbuttons her coat and gestures to her pajamas á la Vanna White. "I prefer this sexy ensemble."

"She let you borrow her clothes?" Baekhyun says, her frown morphing into an adoring little smile. "That's so cute. She is so into you."

Junmyeon buries her face in her hands to hide the smile threatening to show itself.

"And you're totally into her. God, you guys are so fucking cute!"


i miss you!!! :( :'( ;~~~~; ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ <3, Jongdae texts one night a couple weeks later, just after Junmyeon climbs into bed for the night. They hadn't had any sleepovers since their first date, but they were definitely spending more time together, having lunch almost every day between classes, dinner a few times a week, and Netflix and cuddling marathons on weekends. They've been taking it slowly, getting more comfortable with each other with every passing day.

You just saw me four hours ago, silly <3, Junmyeon replies, hanging onto the phone because she knows Jongdae's texting habits; once she gets going, she won't stop for at least twenty minutes.

i mean i wish you were here :( i'm lonely :'(

Junmyeon sighs. Jongdaeee :c I have class early tomorrow, you know that. Please don't be sad. I can come over tmw night?

i know… tmw is good but it doesn't help me right now

And then a picture comes through of Jongdae in her tank top and undies, straps drooping down her shoulders while the hand that isn't holding her iPhone is hooked in the waistband of her lacy pink bikini-cut panties.

Junmyeon closes her eyes and prays for strength, then navigates to Jongdae's contact page and presses the call button.

"Hi," Jongdae says in her wounded kitten voice, and Junmyeon whimpers, completely wound up.

"Are you, you know," she stammers, rolling onto her side toward the wall, adding in a whisper, "touching yourself?"

The bitten-off little moan that floats through her ears a second later makes it pretty clear: yes, that's exactly what Jongdae's doing.

"I just get crazy horny right before my period, and I can't stop thinking about you," she babbles. "Is this—" She sucks in a breath. "Is this okay?"

Junmyeon's entire being shouts YES!!!, but she settles for a strangled "Mm-hmm" instead. "Do you— do you do this a lot?"

"Only recently," Jongdae says, her breathing a little quicker now. "The night after you stayed over was the— unh— first time in a while."

"And the first time you… thought of me?" Junmyeon inquires, feeling a little hot around the collar.

"In more than an abstract way, yeah," Jongdae replies in a breathy voice, "now that I know what it's like to kiss you and touch you…"

"Is that what you're, um, thinking about now?" Junmyeon feels like her heart's a pinball, her ribcage is a mess of bumpers, and Jongdae is winning the hell out of this game.

"Yes," Jongdae whispers, and Junmyeon starts to feel her undies clinging to her skin, fabric dampening around the crotch. "Mostly thinking about what it'll be like to finally see you naked and touch you in all the places I haven't gotten to yet."

Junmyeon swallows hard, breath catching in her throat. "Yeah?"

"Sometimes," Jongdae says, her breath more labored now; Junmyeon can hear the bed creaking a little in the background, "just randomly, in the middle of the day, I wonder what you taste like, and it drives me crazy."

A pathetic whimper rises in Junmyeon's throat of its own volition, and her hand undoes the drawstring of her pajama pants and slides beneath the elastic of her underwear, fingertips finding a home in the slickness around her clit. She envisions her digits replaced by Jongdae's perfect mouth and velvety tongue and tries to stifle a moan with her pillow.

"Oh god, yes," Jongdae groans, the sound getting a little louder when Junmyeon picks up a faint buzzing in the background. "God, I can't wait to bury my face between your thighs and slide my fingers into you for the first time."

Junmyeon gasps, bucking up into her hand as she works the pads of her fingers in quick circles around her clit. "Jongdae."

"I'm right here," Jongdae pants. "Come on, baby, tell me what you're thinking about."

Junmyeon wedges the phone between her shoulder and ear and jams her other hand into her pants, plunging the fingers of her left hand inside herself and using her right hand's fingers to massage her clit.

"I just want to know," Junmyeon says breathlessly, pressing inward with her left hand and clenching around her fingers, "what your face looks like when you come."

There's a sharp intake of breath on the other end of the line, then a long, low moan that tapers off into a whimper. It's hard to describe an orgasm, but Junmyeon can recognize one, and her muscles tighten around her fingers like a vise at the realization that she made it happen. Her wrists are cramping like hell, but she increases her speed anyway, grinding her fingertips into her clit and g-spot simultaneously until she feels that wave of delicious heat crash over her and comes with a stifled cry.

Junmyeon lets her muscles relax and eases her sticky hands out of her underwear, reaching over to the nightstand for a couple of tissues to clean herself up with while she listens to Jongdae's breathing evening out.

"You're so quiet," Jongdae says suddenly, sounding sleepy.

"I always am," Junmyeon replies with a shuddering sigh, dropping the tissues into the wastebasket beside her bed before rolling onto her side and relieving the kink in her neck by holding the phone properly.

"Wish you could hold me right now," Jongdae murmurs.

"Me too." Junmyeon clutches a pillow instead, and they're quiet for a few moments, each listening to the other's steady breathing.

"Hey, Junmyeon?"


"I don't know if I'm just feeling vulnerable or hormonal or whatever, but I need to tell you something."


A beat. "I think I'm in love with you."

Junmyeon just closes her eyes, feeling too good to second-guess herself. "I think I'm in love with you, too."


The next day finds Junmyeon putting in extra effort to look nice and feel… well, sexy. She spends way too long in the shower shaving her legs and tidying things up below the belt, uses a fancy conditioner sample and even bothers to blow-dry her hair so it's soft and smooth and bouncy, and breaks out the good perfume, spritzing her pulse points and hoping the scent will last the entire day.

Junmyeon owns exactly one matching bra and panty set. It's a lacy lilac combo that isn't too racy, and it was on sale, which is why Baekhyun made her buy it during one of their shopping excursions a few months back. As she snaps the front closure into place, she wonders if Jongdae will like it, or if she'll think it's silly that Junmyeon went to so much trouble, or if things will even go in that direction tonight. She did promise she'd come over, but it wasn't like they'd explicitly planned on having sex.

Still, Junmyeon thinks, better to overthink things than pretend they aren't happening.

She picks out tighter jeans than she usually wears, then wonders if they won't be too hard to get off, then gets irritated at herself for taking off and putting on her pants three times in a row and puts on her belt before she can change her mind again. She decides on a dark green sweater that makes the reddish tones in her hair dye pop and stuffs her pajamas, toothbrush, and a change of clothes into her backpack, then forces herself to do homework until it's time to go to Jongdae's.

At three o'clock, she pulls on her socks and boots, whips her coat on, and throws her backpack over her shoulder before yelling "See you tomorrow!" at Baekhyun's bedroom door and letting herself out of the dorm. She's outside Jongdae's apartment by a quarter after three, and Lu Han lets her in with a cheerful smile. The lavender in her bangs is growing out, faded to a pale pinkish hue against her light blonde hair.

"You look cute today," Lu Han says, closing the door behind her. "You guys have anything special planned for today?"

She knows, Junmyeon panics, but she pastes on a placid smile and tucks her hair behind her ear. "Nah… just trying out a new conditioner, that's all."

"Hmm." Lu Han studies her for a moment. "Well, it's working for you. Anyway, Jongdae's in her room. We were thinking of ordering out for dinner tonight, maybe Japanese?"

"I could go for tonkatsu," Junmyeon says, closing one eye while she thinks about the merits of sushi over deep-fried pork. "We'll let you know what sounds good when we get hungry, I guess."

"Mkay," Lu Han says, crossing into the living room and plopping herself on the couch next to her open laptop and a stack of books on the coffee table. "I'll be out here until then."

"Bye," Junmyeon says, leaving Lu Han to her work and turning down the hallway. She knocks twice on Jongdae's door when she reaches the end of the hall and pokes her head in with a nervous little smile. "Hey."

Jongdae practically throws down her music theory textbook and sits up in bed. "Oh, thank god. I can't look at this shit for another minute."

Junmyeon drops her backpack by the dresser and takes off her jacket, carefully hanging it beside Jongdae's coat on the peg screwed into her door. Her boots are the last thing to come off, and then she's crawling onto Jongdae's bed and Jongdae's falling into her arms with a happy sigh.

"You smell amazing," Jongdae says, sniffing Junmyeon's neck and leaving a few light kisses just where her sweater touches her collarbone. "And you look pretty today. I mean, you're always beautiful, but…" She lifts her head to look at Junmyeon, draping her arms over Junmyeon's shoulders and playing with her hair. "I don't know, you just look very pretty today."

"Thank you," Junmyeon says, feeling herself blush. "I just felt like… trying something different today, that's all."

"Yeah?" Jongdae smiles, leaning in for a brief kiss. She lingers, their mouths still close together when she adds, "Does this have anything to do with our, uh, conversation last night?"

"Not… directly," Junmyeon says, ignoring the swooping feeling in her chest as she lifts a hand to push Jongdae's bangs out of her eyes. "But I feel a little different now. Not in a bad way," she adds hastily, seeing Jongdae's expression go from curious to concerned, "just… different. Maybe for the better."

Jongdae cups Junmyeon's face, rubbing her thumbs over Junmyeon's cheekbones. "Well, for what it's worth, I think you're perfect just the way you are," she says in a quiet voice, "but if you feel more confident, that's good, too. As long as you're happy."

"I am," Junmyeon says, folding her hands together at the base of Jongdae's spine and drawing her in close so she can prop her chin on Jongdae's shoulder. "I feel happier than I've been in a long time."

"Me too," Jongdae responds, her voice heavy with emotion. "You know I meant what I said last night, right? I—I love you, Junmyeon."

Junmyeon pulls back enough that she can look Jongdae in the eye. "I don't really know what love is supposed to feel like," she says slowly, thinking it over, "but if this is it, then… I love you, too."

Jongdae crushes their mouths together, cradling the back of Junmyeon's head with one hand while they kiss in earnest. Jongdae clutches at her shoulder, and Junmyeon leans back on the bed, flopping against the pillows as Jongdae climbs into her lap. Her hands settle on Jongdae's hips, thumbs touching skin where her shirt falls away from her body, and she tents her knees so Jongdae's ass is flush against her thighs.

"Can I—" Jongdae's fingertips skim the hem of Junmyeon's sweater before they dip under the fabric, brushing her skin so lightly it tickles.

Junmyeon nods, circling her thumbs and sucking on Jongdae's lower lip as Jongdae's palm slides up her ribs and her fingertips rove around the surface of Junmyeon's bra, making goosebumps prickle beneath the fabric.

"Is that lace?" Jongdae whispers against the corner of her mouth.

"Mmhm," Junmyeon hums nervously, chest rising and falling rapidly.

"Jesus," Jongdae says softly, leaning her forehead against Junmyeon's.

"Do you—" Junmyeon clears her throat, heart pounding. "Do you want to see it?"

"Only if you want to show me," Jongdae replies, sitting back, her lips pink and slightly swollen from kissing, which only makes Junmyeon want to kiss her more.

Junmyeon pushes herself up and crosses her hands at the hem of her sweater. She takes a deep breath and pulls it slowly over her head, dropping it on the bed and straightening her hair self-consciously while Jongdae just looks at her. Junmyeon has to force herself not to block the view with her hands, especially since it's a little chilly in the room and her nipples are poking out, which is embarrassing.

"Are you all right with this?" Jongdae's gaze shifts to her face.

"Yeah." Junmyeon rubs the goosebumps on her arms. "It's just kind of cold in here."

Jongdae takes her hands, squeezing them tightly. "You wanna get under the covers or something?"

"Yeah, yeah, that sounds good," Junmyeon babbles, and Jongdae slides off the edge of the bed to lock the door in case Lu Han decides to come see what they're up to.

She turns around to see the apprehensive look on Junmyeon's face and tugs her own t-shirt over her head, revealing a pale pink cotton bra. "Just trying to be fair," she says by way of explanation. "You take something off, I'll take something off."

Junmyeon feels a little silly in a bra and jeans, and it's sort of uncomfortable to wear jeans under a blanket, so she drops her hands to the belt and fastenings and shimmies out of her tight pants until they're in a pile on the floor and she's left in just her matching underwear and socks. She pulls up the corner of Jongdae's comforter and slides back into the bed, pulling the blanket over her lap.

Jongdae takes a few steps toward the bed before she starts to push her sweatpants down from her hips, thick material pooling at her feet. She's wearing a pair of pink plaid boyshorts underneath, which cling to her ass in a way that makes Junmyeon so fond of her in that moment. Junmyeon never thought underpants could say so much about a person, but those particular ones are just very… Jongdae.

Jongdae climbs in next to her and sits with her legs folded to the side, toes rubbing together inside of her socks. "Did you, um… dress up for me?" she asks finally, a little pink in the face as she gestures at Junmyeon's attire.

"Maybe," Junmyeon mumbles. "Why do you ask?"

"No reason, it's just—" She looks at Junmyeon with a wry smile on her lips. "You don't seem like a matching panties kind of girl."

"Baekhyun made me do it."

"I thought so," Jongdae laughs, reaching forward to twist a lock of Junmyeon's hair around her finger. "You look beautiful."

A thrill of warmth swoops down low into her abdomen. "Your butt looks really cute in those undies," she blurts out, hanging her head in shame at her sheer brainlessness.

Jongdae just giggles and scoots forward to wrap her arms around Junmyeon, kissing a trail across her hairline. "It's okay, you're nervous," she murmurs, sucking Junmyeon's earlobe into her mouth and flicking her tongue at it until Junmyeon shivers. "No pressure. I'm just going to try to make you feel good, all right?"

"What about you?" Junmyeon asks, stretching out on her side beneath the blanket.

"Don't," Jongdae says softly, sealing her lips to Junmyeon's, "worry about me."

She always feels short of breath when Jongdae kisses her like that, but the sensation is heightened by Jongdae's thigh rubbing against her own, her hand massaging Junmyeon's breast through her bra.

"Your boobs are fantastic," Jongdae moans against her cheek, trailing kisses down her face and neck until her nose is brushing the swell of Junmyeon's right breast. Jongdae trails her tongue across the skin bordering the lilac lace still covering her up, and Junmyeon lets out a shaky sigh, feeling dampness in the gusset of her panties.

Jongdae is about to reach around Junmyeon's back to unhook her bra, but Junmyeon catches her hand and guides it back to the center of her chest. Jongdae groans, the sound heavy with desire. "Front closure? What is this, my birthday?" She works a finger underneath the band and unsnaps the metal clasp, parting the fabric and almost immediately fondling Junmyeon's naked breasts, thumbs flicking at her stiff nipples. Junmyeon's back arches of its own volition, which Jongdae takes as an invitation to bow her head and suck a nipple into her mouth, tongue rolling across the sensitive nub.

Junmyeon parts her thighs so Jongdae can nestle her hips between them, licking and sucking and kissing her way across Junmyeon's chest and kneading at the flesh her lips can't get to. She mouths at Junmyeon's sternum and pulls her breasts in until they're flush with her cheeks as if to motorboat her without the obnoxious sound, and Junmyeon laughs suddenly, which makes Jongdae stop and peek up at her, face flushed. "Ticklish?"

"No, no," Junmyeon says, holding Jongdae's face in her hands and dragging her in for a long kiss. "You're just cute, that's all."

"If you say so." Jongdae squints at her with a playful smile on her face.

"As you were," Junmyeon says, throwing one arm behind her head in an attempt to pose in an alluring fashion, á la Kate Winslet in Titanic.

"Oh, you like that?" Jongdae smirks and drops her head to Junmyeon's neck, sucking a mark into the skin while she pinches a nipple lightly between her thumb and forefinger and tugs on it.

Junmyeon squirms against the sheets and arches into Jongdae, biting her lip to stifle a moan, and Jongdae takes the other nipple into her mouth and rocks into Junmyeon, the combination of stimuli making her underwear cling even more closely now.

Jongdae's hands slide down to her hips now and her mouth follows, dropping kisses in its wake and making Junmyeon's abdomen flutter from the light touches. She presses her face into Junmyeon's belly and drags her hands down the tops of Junmyeon's thighs and back up the smooth skin of her inner thighs until they frame the line of her underwear.

"Are you still good?" Jongdae asks, her breath causing more goosebumps to rise along the waistband of Junmyeon's undies. "I mean, I got tested and everything, clean bill of health and all that, but I just wanna make sure you're okay."

"I'm fine," Junmyeon says, tentatively sliding her hands beneath the fabric at her hips while her clit throbs as if to remind her it's still there. "Help me get these off?"

Junmyeon lifts her hips, and Jongdae moves out of the way as she tugs the underwear down Junmyeon's thighs and off, dropping them on the floor beside the bed. She reaches up near Junmyeon's head for a throw pillow and squeezes Junmyeon's naked hip. "Up," she says, and Junmyeon follows her direction, watching as Jongdae wedges the pillow under her butt to lift her hips.

"So I don't get a crick in the neck," Jongdae explains, nuzzling Junmyeon's thigh and smiling at the way she jumps. Her hands slide up Junmyeon's thighs again, thumbs tentatively parting her lips, and Junmyeon blushes when she adds, "Jesus, even your pussy is cute."

"Jongdae," she whines, the sound pitching up at the end when Jongdae suddenly drags the flat of her tongue along the length of her slit.

Jongdae jerks her head at the door and puts a finger to her lips, then resumes her slow, torturous licking of Junmyeon's cunt while Junmyeon swears under her breath. She tips her head back with a silent moan when Jongdae sucks her clit between her lips, her tongue swirling around it before returning to its rhythmic licking.

"That feels so good," Junmyeon whispers, pushing her hips up to meet the bobbing of Jongdae's head. She allows herself a soft moan when Jongdae adds her fingers into the mix, coating her middle and ring fingers in the slickness leaking out of Junmyeon's pussy and tracing her inner lips. She pushes down against the sensitive membranes in a way that makes streaks of heat shoot down Junmyeon's legs until the soles of her feet tingle.

She's so turned on that it doesn't sting in the least when Jongdae's fingers slide inside of her, curling upwards and stroking firmly, with purpose. Junmyeon has to bite down on her wrist to stop herself from getting too loud, but it's so hard to stay quiet when Jongdae's fingers are only intensifying the sensations her mouth is producing. Her other hand winds into Jongdae's hair, and Jongdae moans with Junmyeon's clit in her mouth, fingers pushing up hard against her front wall and rubbing.

Junmyeon can hardly take it anymore, whimpering with every lick and stroke. The heat building up in her core finally comes to a head, and with a few more rhythmic flicks of Jongdae's tongue, Junmyeon comes, clutching the sheets with one hand and the back of Jongdae's neck with the other.

She doesn't even realize she's holding her breath until it rushes out in a gasp, and Jongdae leaves her with one last lazy open-mouthed kiss to the cunt before she pushes herself up and wipes her face with the back of her hand. She looks down as if to admire her handiwork—Junmyeon melting into her bed, chest heaving, hair mussed—and smiles crookedly, tugging the pillow out from underneath Junmyeon's butt before reaching behind her back to unhook her bra and fling it aside. Jongdae makes short work of her underwear, too, then settles herself between Junmyeon's thighs and tugs up the comforter, lowering herself against Junmyeon's chest until they're skin to skin.

"How're you feeling?" Jongdae murmurs, pressing soft little kisses to Junmyeon's cheeks and neck.

"So good," Junmyeon sighs, wrapping her arms around Jongdae's waist and closing her eyes. "Thank you. I love you."

"Good thing this is one of my favorite pastimes." Jongdae giggles into her hair. "Now I know exactly how to get you eating out of the palm of my hand."

Junmyeon laughs and swats her playfully across the ass. "Using sex for evil, how could you?"

"Is it evil even if it makes you all swoony and happy like this?" Jongdae kisses her deeply, one hand sliding around the back of her neck while the other palms one of Junmyeon's breasts. Junmyeon can smell herself on Jongdae's skin, which is weird but also makes her still hyper-sensitive clit twinge with arousal.

"I don't know," Junmyeon murmurs, kissing away and dragging her hands up Jongdae's back and around her ribcage, sliding them up to play with Jongdae's breasts. They're smaller than her own, but seemingly more sensitive, judging by the way Jongdae keens when Junmyeon rubs her palms in a circular motion over the nipples. Junmyeon wonders if she could get off on this alone, just watching Jongdae react to being touched. "Maybe not."

Jongdae's hips grind into her own, and she clutches the backs Junmyeon's knees to push them in toward her chest, giving her more freedom to rut against Junmyeon.

"I thought you said not to worry about you," Junmyeon teases, gasping when Jongdae's dripping cunt presses against hers.

"I lied," Jongdae whispers, circling her hips and tipping her head back toward the ceiling, eyelashes fluttering. She lets go of one of Junmyeon's legs and swings one of her own over it, straddling the limb and extending Junmyeon's other leg, hooking her knee over her shoulder.

"I thought they only did this in porn," Junmyeon laughs, propping herself up on her elbows for more leverage.

Jongdae presses her face into Junmyeon's leg, hiding a smile. "That's kind of where I got the idea," she groans. "I'm so dumb."

Junmyeon moves her leg out of the way so she can pull Jongdae down for a kiss. "No, you're not," she murmurs into Jongdae's mouth, petting her hair. "We'll give it a try. If it works, that's good. If it doesn't, we'll figure something out." She smiles and kisses Jongdae's cheek, leaning back to look at her. "Besides, I can't say I've never been curious about how this works…"

"You watch porn?" Jongdae's eyebrows shoot up into her bangs as she lifts Junmyeon's left leg back over her shoulder.

"Like, twice," Junmyeon snorts. "Just to see what the fuss was all about. It's so bad, I don't know how anyone can actually enjoy it."

"My dear," Jongdae sighs, kissing the inside of Junmyeon's knee as she shimmies forward on Junmyeon's other thigh, leaving streaks of wetness on her skin. Junmyeon clenches around nothing as Jongdae angles her hips and her pussy slides against Junmyeon's once more. "You're watching the wrong shit."

Junmyeon gives up on using her elbows for leverage, letting her upper body fall back in favor of digging her heel into Jongdae's bed and lifting her hips. Her fingernails bite into Jongdae's skin when she grabs onto her ass, increasing the pressure of their friction. Jongdae uses Junmyeon's leg for balance, wrapping her right arm around it and rocking into her while her free hand clutches at Junmyeon's wrist.

"Good?" Jongdae asks breathlessly, keeping a steady rhythm, and Junmyeon arches off the bed to meet her with a nod and a sharp intake of breath. It's more than good; Jongdae's cunt warm and wet against her own is both the strangest and best sensation, the closest to being inside of her she can get at this point. Seeing Jongdae writhing above her, desperately grinding her pussy into Junmyeon's while her expression morphs into pleasure with every rub of her clit, is just so profoundly erotic that Junmyeon can't help but drag her down for a filthy kiss.

Jongdae pushes Junmyeon's knee into her chest, holding herself up with hands gripping the sheets as her tongue sweeps into Junmyeon's mouth. She begins to rut more erratically against Junmyeon, and Junmyeon's hands hold tight to her hips, pulling her down while she meets Jongdae's quickening pace. Jongdae chokes out a series of little moans, her back bowing out as she clamps her fingers around Junmyeon's upper arms and drops her head, face half-buried in Junmyeon's neck. She rocks hard enough into Junmyeon that the bed is starting to creak, but Junmyeon can't even care about Lu Han hearing them when Jongdae seizes in her arms and moans into the hollow of her throat, hips stuttering to a stop as she rides out her orgasm.

Junmyeon kisses her sweat-dampened temple, and Jongdae fumbles beneath the pillow for something, producing a fancy-looking vibrator. Junmyeon thinks she must look shocked or impressed or something, because Jongdae palms the silicone head and says, "My vagina is very high maintenance."

"What are you gonna—" Junmyeon starts, but she's cut off when Jongdae nestles the vibrator against Junmyeon's clit and holds down the button that turns it on. The vibrator buzzes to life and Junmyeon's head drops onto the pillow, mouth open in a silent expression of pleasure. Jongdae traces circles around her clit with the tapered end, then presses the wide end flat against the swollen nub and slides two fingers into Junmyeon. Junmyeon can't help herself; ten seconds of that and she's clenching around Jongdae's fingers and moaning at an embarrassing volume. Jongdae works her through it until she whimpers from overstimulation, then shuts off the vibrator and tosses it aside before she flops down on the bed beside Junmyeon and nuzzles her face into Junmyeon's cleavage.

"Oh my god." Junmyeon's reeling, her pussy still twitching from that glorious orgasm. "You are fantastic, but that thing is like—wow. Is this what I've been missing out on?"

"Are you telling me you don't have a vibrator?" Jongdae looks at her like she just said she doesn't eat chocolate.

"I never really wanted to spend the money on one, seemed kind of silly when I could just, you know," Junmyeon says, gesturing vaguely, "with my hands."

"Now I want to drag you to a sex shop and help you pick one out," Jongdae snickers, "but then I think I may never see you again."

"Actually, I've decided to elope with yours, sorry you had to find out this way," Junmyeon gasps with laughter.

Jongdae pretends to pound her arm and snuggles closer to her instead. "Are you hungry? I'm hungry."

"Yeah, a little," Junmyeon says, scooping Jongdae into her arms and spooning her. She tugs the covers up to their shoulders. "Can we take a catnap first? I don't think I'm ready to face Lu Han just yet."

"Someday you'll be lucky enough to hear her screaming while Minseok rails her in the shower," Jongdae says in a sleepy voice, lacing her fingers with Junmyeon's. "Then you'll be even."

"Wonderful," Junmyeon groans, pressing her face into Junmyeon's neck.

"Maybe I'm just biased," Jongdae sighs, leaning back against Junmyeon's chest, "but I wouldn't mind the screaming so much if it were coming from you."

"Jongdae," Junmyeon mumbles, embarrassed. "I'd never scream."

"Hmm," says Jongdae, a note of skepticism mingled with finality in her voice. "We'll see about that."


author's note: more self-indulgent bullshit brought to you by jundae and a lot of shitty gay-for-pay lesbian porn i watched on dailymotion and pornhub for research. i was too lazy to dig for the real stuff. but rest assured, neither of these ladies have fake nails!

i just realized that basically all of my stories end with people falling asleep or going to take a shower. i am the most predictable. :| there's not enough of a plot in this story for me to be happy, but it fulfills my need for more exo genderswap fic and jundae - two birds with one stone! it's also the longest fic i've ever written on my own.

p.s. if you don't own a lelo vibrator like jongdae does, do yourself a favor and buy yourself one for christmas. you'll thank me.
Tags: fic: exo, length: oneshot, pairing: jundae, rating: nc17, tagged: genderswap
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