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university AU
  • filthy
    baekhyun/chanyeol | 9100w | nc17 | baekhyun and chanyeol have differing standards of cleanliness. chaos ensues. (alternate summary: baekyeol exchange sexual favors for household chores.)
  • in for the night
    baekhyun/chanyeol | 800w | pg | just an average tuesday night.
  • out of my league
    jongdae/junmyeon | 10800w | nc17 | kim junmyeon is perfect. naturally, kim jongdae hates his guts.
  • gym rats
    baekhyun/chanyeol | 960w | pg13 | baekhyun has a hard time focusing at the gym. (pre-filthy)
  • killing time (can i kill it with you?)
    jongdae/junmyeon | 10500w | nc17 | jongdae goes to martha's vineyard to visit junmyeon.
  • armistice
    sehun/lu han | 8400w | pg13 | lu han and sehun are both kind of useless in different ways, but somehow it all turns out okay in the end.

  • the luckiest
    baekhyun/chanyeol | 500w | pg | au | chanyeol can't sleep, so he makes sure baekhyun can't, either.
  • coming home
    kris/chanyeol | 600w | pg | au | fluffy domestic nonsense because chanyeol looks good in glasses.
  • pep talk
    junmyeon/jongdae | 1200w | pg | canon | it's jongdae's birthday, and everything is terrifying.

  • vitamin
    sehun/chanyeol | 1000w | pg | canon | sometimes sehun isn't as much of a brat as he pretends to be.
  • panty raid
    sehun/baekhyun | 2200w | r | canon | sehun's lucky underpants go missing.
  • trapped in the closet
    junmyeon/jongdae | 3000w | pg13 | au | junmyeon has the worst friends.
  • 'til death
    sehun/tao | 4200w | nc17 | au | tao and sehun get married. this is how they spend their wedding night.
  • absence makes the heart grow fonder
    kris/chanyeol | 5200w | nc17 | au | trying to maintain a relationship over skype is the bane of park chanyeol’s existence.
  • no more hot-headed saturdays
    kris/fem!chanyeol | 3800w | nc17 | au | air conditioning is the one thing that separates us from the beasts.
  • ready on your belly (if you wanna have fun)
    fem!jongin/chanyeol | 4000w | nc17 | au | jongin really (really) likes chanyeol's butt.
  • private eyes (they're watching you)
    sehun/baekhyun/chanyeol | 2000w | nc-17 | canon | chanyeol has a slight voyeuristic tendency. baekhyun is only too happy to indulge it.

longer fic

exchange fics
  • right where it starts and ends
    sehun/tao | 9300w | pg13 | au | a friendship born on paper takes its first steps. (written for ohunlimited)
  • the winner takes it all
    baekhyun/chanyeol | 7400w | pg13 | au | when you spend your life living in someone else’s shadow, it’s hard to tell when the light is shining on you. (written for thebaekfest)
  • more than a feeling
    chanyeol/jongdae | 9300w | pg13 | au | when chanyeol, a session drummer at a recording studio, finds out his boss is taking on a new client, he doesn't expect it to be someone he's this familiar with. (written for chinguline)
  • modern romance
    sehun/tao | 5800w | nc17 | au | sehun thinks he’s experienced in relationships, being an advice columnist, but when he meets tao, he realizes he actually knows way less than he thinks he does. (written for bottomsehun)
  • i bet you didn't know that i was dangerous
    fem!chanyeol/fem!kyungsoo | 2000w | r | au | chanyeol should never be allowed on tinder when she's drunk. (written for girlexochange)
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